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Dr.Farnaz Zand has been practicing in her Burbank, CA office for over thirty years. A graduate from the University of Southern California’s Orthodontic program, Dr. Farnaz Zand is part of an elite group of Orthodontists that are certified by the American Board of Orthodontics, showing a commitment to excellence and the pursuit of knowledge in her field. Dr. Zand has received multiple awards from her community and in her field, including multiple awards from “America’s Top Dentists” over the years.
Dr.Farnaz Zand

Dentist, USC graduate

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Teeth Alignment

Teeth Straightening

A great inventor and owner of 6 different patents,

including the famous "Zand Gauge" which is sold nation-wide

Make it easy
Mark it easy
Perfect Bracketing Position Every Time.
The Zand Gauge Kit is easy to use. Each kit includes eight gauges,four anterior and four posterior (1-3.5mm, 3-4mm,1-4.5mm,3-5mm). Gauges are cold sterilizable.
How it works ?
watch it in this video :
Patented Made in the USA
ZAND GAUGE 212 East Providencia Burbank, CA 91502
Make it in four easy Steps :
1st Step :
After acid etching and conditioning the teeth with primer, anterior teeth will be marked to desired height with straight Zand Gauge
2nd Step :
The posterior teeth are marked with contra angle Zand Gauge as far back as second molars
3rd Step :
The brackets are simply positioned on the tooth with bracket slot lined up with the mark
4th Step :
Finally, the marks are easily removed by brushing the teeth
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Our Services

we also use the Invisalign technique

If you're looking for a virtually invisible method to improve your smile -- which is also free of metal brackets or wires that could irritate your mouth -- then, we advise you the Invisalign treatment, which is a great solution that we provide for both adults and teens. Moreover, Invisalign clear and removable teeth aligners are virtually invisible. Therefore, people might not even notice you’re wearing them.
Very convenient and made of flexible plastic, these aligners can gradually straighten your teeth, without the inconvenience and restrictions that come with metal braces. You can easily remove them to eat, and drink, or to brush your teeth. So you don't have to wear brackets and wires anymore, and there are no food restrictions at all also. That's wonderful.
How it works ?
watch it in this video :
Invisalign Aligners may be better than braces if
you need a discreet option, or don't want to deal with the discomfort of braces

Amazing Results!

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Dr.Farnaz Zand has been practicing in her Burbank, CA office for over thirty years. A graduate from the University of Southern California’s Orthodontic program,
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