When teeth are crooked, overlapping, or simply don’t fit together the right way, the result is an unbalanced bite. Although an unbalanced bite is usually first noticed as children start to loose their baby teeth and begin to get their permanent teeth, it can be treated at any age!

So, what causes an unbalanced bite? Usually, the size of your teeth and how they are positioned in your jaw (which are both inherited from your parents) are the main cause. But in some cases, habits- like nail biting or thumb sucking, put pressure on the teeth that affect the development of those teeth. Also, missing teeth that aren’t replaced soon enough can lead to other teeth in the area shifting and tipping into the empty space.

Teeth that are not aligned properly are hard to clean and more susceptible to cavities and gum disease. An unbalanced bite also puts a lot of stress on chewing muscles and can cause jaw problems or pain.

Orthodontics uses a variety of appliances, both fixed in your mouth and removable, to gently move teeth and your jaw to the optimum position. The result is not only teeth that are easy to clean, healthy and functioning properly, but also a beautiful smile!

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