Do you need braces?

When teeth are crooked, overlapping, or simply don’t fit together the right way, the result is an unbalanced bite. Although an unbalanced bite is usually first noticed as children start to loose their baby teeth and begin to get their permanent teeth, it can be treated at any age!

The art of aligning the teeth and the jaw

Orthodontics is the specialized science of dentistry that is concerned with alignment of the teeth. Crooked teeth, protruding teeth, extra or missing teeth and poorly aligned jaws can create a problem called malocclusion. The orthodontist (the dentist who specializes in …

What Causes Crooked Teeth?

Heredity plays the major role in the development of crooked teeth. Large teeth in small jaws, too many teeth, small upper jaw with large lower jaw, and jaws not positioned one over the other are some inherited characteristic that cause

Rubber band and braces

Most people who get braces will need inter arch rubber bands or inter arch elastics. The purpose of these rubber bands is to put forces on the teeth to move the upper and lower jaw and the upper and lower teeth to a proper fit, they will help to adjust the bite in patients that […]